how to make profits by just holding crypto
Syed Shoeb

Bitcoin prices continue to rise and drop and predicting the price action is nothing less than a wild west. However, these erratic fluctuations in its value have not dented its reputation as the most prominent cryptocurrency in the world. Despite the losses, the crypto enthusiasts remain positive that the value of the original digital coin would again see a spectacular increase. When that happens, the gains would be immense. Therefore, they see crypto as a long-term trusted store of value, which has a great expected return.


It is observed that no matter how much the prices oscillate, people who have invested cryptocurrencies and hodled them have seen significant gains. There is very little profit when investors buy and sell within a month. And, unlike three years ago, they now have the option to make profits on the digital-assets that they have stored in their wallets.

Rise of DeFi

The expansion of the crypto-ecosystem has given rise to several applications and protocols, which have increased the usability and functionality of the cryptocurrencies. Some of them have created their own ecosystem, which has the potential to reshape the traditional financial systems.


One such ecosystem is DeFi, a pure-play blockchain tech-enabled ecosystem!


Nuo Network, Asia’s biggest and globally 5th (in terms of value locked) DeFi protocol, enables crypto hodlers to earn passive income/interests on their digital assets without giving up their ownership over them. They can make profits by just lending their digital assets non-custodially on Nuo platform. Also, investors can use them as collateral to get more funds for trading.


Two Ways to Earn Profits by Hodling Crypto


Lending: Instead of selling crypto during the bear market, the crypto holders can lend them with Nuo. They don’t have to fear losses when they lend their digital assets, as in case of a default, collateral deposited by the borrowers is used to repay the loan.


Borrowing: Crypto holders can also use the digital assets that they predict would go rekt as collateral to get more for margin trading. They can take both short and long positions with the borrowed assets and earn profits on them. Then, use a part of the profits to repay the loan and keep the remaining with them.


The advent of the DeFi protocols has been good news for the Bitcoin investors. Leveraging them, they can now do more with the assets that they hold. They no longer have to keep the bitcoins in their wallets and twiddle their thumbs while waiting for the market to see a bullish run.


And, Nuo Network, the 100 percent non-custodial lending platform, has provided crypto-holders a great chance to earn profits. It has also provided them the benefit of an instant and direct transaction that does not need the approval of intermediaries. Moreover, it only facilitates the lending and borrowing and has no control over investors’ funds. The asset-owners have complete control over their funds.


Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Opinions, statements, estimates, and projections in this message or other media are solely those of the individual author(s).


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